CJ Sonographe

A friend is giving me a CL Sonographe turntable. He said the motor gets hot after about 30 minutes and causes problems. Does anyone have experience with this? Any advide on repair parts or repair shops? Any advice is appreciated..thanks.
I think SOTA Turntables supports this table . you can contact them .
You might want to try these folks Bill Thalmann was a circuit designer at cj ...


its an excellent table i use ths with an gelco arm ..I would do my best if you and contact for a possible new motor.the best of luck.
Have a look at the motor, it has been many years, but I think that it may be the same Premotek (formerly Philips) that the earlier Linns and Rega used. If it is, then getting one is no problem. I had to buy one last year.
Thanks for the replies. I contacted SOTA and the have a motor for the SG3. It's $125 but since the TT is free it's not too bad of an overall price!