CJ PV5 vs PV8 with Pass Aleph 3

I am considering a Conrad Johnson PV-5 or PV-8 to use with my Pass Aleph 3. Any recommendations in terms of which preamp might be better? Or does anybody have experience with these two preamps to discuss differences?
Thank you!
I looked into using an Aleph 3 with my PV 11, and I believe there is an input impedance issue with the Aleph that makes most tubed preampsfairly incompatable with the Aleph line of amps. try searching by "aleph" or perhaps "pass" with the search feature, Iwould definately look into this before purchasing. I ended up going all tube, but I've heard so much good stuff about the Aleph 3 that I really wanted to try it. TH egeneral opinion is that Pass ALeph amps perform their best with a SS pre (like the Pass 'P)
Good Luck
Just a note, I have a CJPV10A with an ALEPH 5 and it sounds very good