CJ PV10AR upgrade?

Type in title: PV10AL!

OK I will describe my system. But PLEASE don’t tell me my system is crap, "get rid of" this or that, etc. It’s not at all helpful and will only serve to make angry. Not all of of us can just replace components will-nilly;  as this is not my only expensive hobby. So if you don’t have a helpful, specific to my ultimate question just please don’t reply to this thread.

  • CJ PV10AR Preamp from about 2000 (my have had a slight upgrade to caps before I bought it but otherwise it’s as it came out of the factory - aside from regular tube replacement with tubes recommended by CJ; which were just replaced.
  • Emotiva XPA-2 Gen3 amp
  • Primarily use Bluesound Node 2i as source these days
  • Maggie 1.7i speakers
  • All speaker cable and interconnects mid-price of the Straightwire line.
  • Is there a burn-in on the new tubes? If so, how long?
  • CJ wants to do some "major" cap upgrade that they say is WAY overdue as the original parts are past their sell-by date. What should I notice with such an upgrade?
I don’t want to influence the answers (yet) with my impression of the current sound.



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Also seriously consider Bill Thalmann of Music Technology in Virginia. Former Technical Director at Conrad Johnson. HIGHLY recommended! The problem I had with Conrad Johnson is that their upgrade package on my preamp 5 years back was limited to their proprietary teflon caps and didn’t involve other upgrades that can provide greater realization of what is possible. Bill can explain what can be done and give you broader options.

To expand on Eric’s comments, Bill uses V-cap CUTF, great caps.