CJ PV v PV 11 v New Classic

Looking seriously at CJ tube pres after using a friends old PV 6 for a few weeks. Saw the Classic got great reviews in audio mags. Also have read good reviews here on various PV models. Wondering among the choices from PV 10-12 vs a new Classic model...what are tradeoffs, gains etc. I saw some reference to the "new style" CJ sound? Do I have to get teh Classic to get that AND what does it really mean? BTW, is the classic based on the PV 1x models...looks that way.

Would run with a McIntosh MC250.
Although the Classic resembles the PV-10 series, my understanding is that it is a completly different circuit design. Which one is better for you depends on what sound characteristics you are looking for.

I owned a PV-10B many years ago, and I had a Classic in house for several weeks (many years later). To me, the Classic is a much better preamp then the PV-10B in almost all respects: build qualty, more neutral, better bass and *much* quieter.

But many guys prefer the sound of the older CJ gear - it's a little warmer and dark than the more recent designs.
Thanks for the input. Kind of sounds like the Classic is the way to go. Avoids the issue of age related repairs, more modern sound, quieter, etc. I liked the warmth of the older CJ stuff but the pieces I borrowed were noisier and less detailed. Maybe this is the middle ground I am looking for.