CJ PV series + SS amp

I'm thinking about adding a 2nd system. I have a buddy who is looking to sell one of his 2 amps.

Bryston 3BST or Belles 150A Hotrod. He lives a ways away so I can't listen to the amps. I recall that Bryston is quite neutral sounding, maybe slightly warm. But not fimilar with the Belles.

I see CJ PV11 & 12 preamps here at a good price all the time. Can anyone( with listening experience with these amps )tell me which would be a better match with a CJ? I like it a little warm :)

LAT IC's, Kimber speaker wires, CAL Sigma II dac, CAL CL-10 transport. Vandersteen 2c speakers.

thanks in advance!
Hope you don't mind a suggestion that is outside your list. I think the McCormacks are a perfect match with Vandersteens and a near perfect match with c-j. The high input impedance of the McCormack presents a kind load to tubes, though, the high sensitivity of some models might(?) reduce the usable volume control on the usually high out puts of tube pre's. Of course c-j and McCormack are sister companies. IMO the McCormack's some what forward presentation mates perfectly with the Vandersteens some what laid back presentation. Perhaps two of the best values in audio having a symbiotic relationships offers audiophiles unusually high value and quality. Highly recommended!
Hello, I had my choice between a PV-11 and the PV-12 and my audio salesman recommended the PV-11 over the PV-12. He said that the PV-11 had a much better phono section. He is very knowledgable concerning CJ. I guess that CJ changed the materials/components for the worst with the PV-12. The materials used in the PV-11 sounded less harsh than the PV-12. You might be able to figure out the differences from the CJ website. I run my PV-11 with a solid-state amp with great success. Jim
i run a pv-11 with a bryston 4b with great result
Thanks for the input, I read the CJ web page and I think a PV11 or a 12A would be the way to go. Avoiding the PV12, since CJ did some upgrading when they came out with the PV12a.

I once heard a McCormack with a VAC CLA-1 MKII ( defintely a warm preamp ), running through a pair of Vandersteen's I thought it was a bit to much for me.
Tube777, I'm not trying to argue with your opinion, but, I'm curious, exactly what "was a bit too much"?
Unsound, if you come across a Conrad-Johnson PV-9a at a decent price, don't discount it just because it's an earlier model. It used very high parts quality and was built to a higher price point than either the PV-11 or PV-12. It has a delicious phono stage, if somewhat soft-sounding by comparison to some of today's best designs.
Rushton, I think you meant to address this to Tube7777 ?
You are exactly correct. My apologies.
Rushton, no apologies necessary.

Maybe the sound has changed now, I was listening to a DNA-2, a real thumper! At the time I also auditioned Classe, CJ, and Bryston. I found the DNA-2 to a bit forward for me.

I haven't listened to the latest version. So maybe things have changed.........
Tube777, ironicaly I agree. I have found that the laid back nature of the Vandersteens seem to compliment the fowardness of the McCormack. The forwardness of the McCormack would also be subdued by the tube c-j. Never the less, I respect your opinion. While the McCormack has nice tight bass and a liquid top end, I too find it forward and even a little shouty. I'd never use them on my Thiels.
Tube777, I should mention that I don't remember having ever heard the Belles, and I happen to be a big fan of the Bryston 3BST. Other's here on Audiogon have raised questions regarding its ability to deliver into low impedance loads. I can't comment on that.

I suppose if my friend had a McCormack I would consider it. But as my original post stated, I want to choose between the 2 amps becuase I can buy them dirt cheap. so the 3BSt impedance won't effect my decision to much.

thanks for the help.