CJ PV-5 work well with B&K, Aragon, Mcormack?

I'm thinking of trying a SS amp in place of my tube amp, to get better control over the bass in my system. I would keep my tube pre. Would these be compatible?
I ran a CJ PV-5, PV-7 & Premier 3 in front of a pair of B&K M-200's for
years with great sound and success.

Now I run a TRL Dude preamp in front of a pair of NuForce amps with
stellar results.
I used a PV5 with an Aragon and NAD amps. Its been a while, but I liked the combo for many years (used to drive klipsch, then appogee speakers). I have also owned the BK ST140 and McCormack DNA .5 at different times. IMO, the B&K has the most tube like sound, followed by the McCormack then Aragon. I would opt for the McCormack as I believe it is the best amp by a wide margin, but all sound good. Cheers.
That pre is one of the softer warmer ones out there. It is great for a highly resolving SS amps and analytic speakers, but If I were you and wanted to get a tighter sound, while preserving the tube magic, go the route less traveled. Get an SS pre to run with you tube power amps. You'll see that you preserve the tube sound but with better definition.
I know most will say nono.... go the tube pre route, but try it and see. The results will depend in good part on the quality of the tube power amps you are using.
Thanks much.

Mechans, a Marantz 8B, stock.
Mechans, would a passive work, or would I need an active for that?

There is the Lightspeed Attenuator.