CJ PV-2ar or PV-7 or ARC SP-6 for Klipsch Heresy?

I putting together an old school tube-based system to drive an unmodified pair of Klipsch Heresy 1 speakers I picked up on eBay.To give the "old school" a fair shake, I'll be using the best ancillary equipment and tweeks, Transparent Ultra signal cables, and MIT power cables and filtration, etc. Seems to make sense to me to pair them with one of the classic tube preamps of that era such as a PV-2ar, certainly might tame the brightness and "shout". Thoughts?
If an original set, you really want to think about a tube amp too- the crossovers in that speaker don't work so well with amps with a low output impedance- as a result the horns can be operating out of band, part of the reason for the 'shoutiness' or 'cupped hands' aspect for which many older horn systems are undeservedly known.

I'm pretty sure the Transparent cables will not be a good match as well- they work better with solid state.

Why those particular preamps?? Just because they are tube?
How bout getting just a good vintage tube integrated, restored and ready to go?
Thanks so much guys, hooked up a near mint, unmolested Heathkit AA 151 integrated. I set the tone controls strictly by ear. I'm a musician so my sense was that was the only way. With null at 12:00 o'clock, Treble ended up at 9:30 (!) and Bass at 2:00 o'clock. Sounds great on jazz vocals like Diana Krall and Steve Tyrell. One woofer seems to pull back (recede) a bit on deep plucked bass notes. Sounds fine, but looks odd vs other woofer's behavior. Flipping the AA 151 Invert Phase switch, the sucking motion continued. Flipping Stereo Reverse made no difference either. Is it the 40 year old crossover?
What power amp? I had a 2AR and liked its sound but if you have a sensitive high input impedance power amp with a lot of gain say 27db then you'll hear a big noise floor with the cathode follower circuit of the 2AR and seldom get the volume past 9 or 10 o'clock.