CJ PV-14L vs. Cary SLP-88

I'm looking for a new tube preamp in a (new) cost neighborhood of around $2,000 or so.

Any thoughts on how these two popular preamps compare?
No dealers in my area so I have not had the opportunity to listen to either of them.

I will mate this with a CAL digital front end, CJ MF2100 ss amp and Legacy Victoria speakers. Looking for something that will help bring jazz and vocals to life.

Another post here mentioned that quality 6SN7 tubes are becoming difficult to find -- would that be a reason to steer clear of the Cary, Blue Circle or any other preamp using this tube?
The pre-amps you mention are very good. However, you are very close to the cost of a used CJ premier 17ls which is an excellent pre-amp. I would try and stretch to this price point. Otherwise both the CJ and Cary you mention are very good. A couple of dealers on this forum might let you do an in home demonstration if you ask. I would try this route before making a decision.

I have found new-production 6SN7's to be adequate, but admit I don't have experience using them as audio preamp tubes, just in audio amplifiers as drivers and guitar-amp preamp sections.
I have been a passive advocate for years. I went as far to insert a stepped attenuator in my CD player. I was using a CJ MV 60 with a direct feed from the CD player. As great as the sound was, I still felt something was missing. Clarity, accuracy, musicality were all there. Then I spent 4 days with a CJ Premier 18L and CJ MF 2500A. I switched in the MV 60 and everything I wanted was there. Blossom and dynamics I had never heard before and everything else was still there.

The Premier 18 was more than I wanted to spend, but worth every penny. The MV 60 and PV 14L was not the same. However, the PV 14L SE was almost the equal. I then inserted the MF 2250A and I was where I wanted to be.

I like and respect Cary. They make great equipment. I have not heard the SLP 88, but with the PV 14L SE I do not want to.

I had my previous system for almost 18 years and only added a new CD player 10 years ago. I intend to keep the new system, again with a new CD player in a couple years.

E-mail me if you want more info.