CJ PV-12 to ET3 or to mods?

I have CJ PV-12 with phono stage and was entertaining the idea of an upgrade, at the same time quite a few folks here spoke about the RHB Sound Design where the modifications will amount to about the same as going to the used ET3 with phono stage. If anybody could compare or remember the PV-12 and ET3 and advise if an upgrade to used ET3 with or without further modifications done by RHB will make better sense.
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I got my CJ PV12 modded at RHB Sound Dezign. I can't comment on the PV12 vs the ET3, but I can say that in my view, if you have a PV12 you absolutely must get it modded (either at RHB or elsewhere), because in stock form, the tone is beautiful but the soundstage is very flat, like a 2-dimensional wall of sound just behind your speakers. Their newer PV10-B fixed this, adding depth, but neither the 10 nor the 12 has particularly fast bass. The RHB mod that I did first was their power supply. It's well under $1000 so I expect that you could not find a used ET3 for a similar price. It totally transformed my PV-12. They also do mods that will improve tonality, but this is not where the PV12 needs help in my opinion. Good luck.
Did you get your mod done? How'd it go?

I was in the same situation as you and at the time of your posting I opted for the ET3. After a year of comparing the strengths of these two preamps I couldn't let go of either so I decided I'll soon be modding the PV-12.

These are the guys I found who will mod the PV-12.

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