CJ PV-10aL Problem

This afternoon, I fired up my system and lo and behold, I notice a certain hiss and crackle from my left speaker. Check connections, no issues. Try different amp, no issues there. Change pre-amps, hiss and crackle goes away.

I just got the CJ and am I to guess that it is the tubes? What else would cause the hiss/crackle?

I am now using a Rotel RC-955 pre and umm, I think I like the tube sound better.

Try removing and re- seating the tubes. Swap the left channel w/ right. If hiss goes to other channel, you know its the tubes. Fortunately, the tubes in the pv 10 are readily available and in expensive. Good luck.
It sounds like a tube going bad, pick up a new set and you'll be fine.
I had a PV10A that exhibited those symptoms. I tried about 5 different brands of tubes and the problem continued. Finally, I shipped it back to CJ and they replaced the sockets that the tubes are seated in. I don't know if that solved the problem or not, because I sold the unit without testing it.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA