CJ Premier Triode?

Anyone familar with the XS (triode) versions of the older CJ amps. I am currently an 11a owner and I like what I read regarding triode amp virtues. I was thinking of picking up the 12XS monoblocks. I don't see any reviews on the XS amps. Is the power really less than half of the pentode versions? Also am I better off looking at triode ready amps like some Cary, or VTL? My speakers are Audio Physic Virgo II. Thanks.
Any amp with a "triode" switch or configuration option will have less power than the tetrode or pentode version. Usually half the power is routine.
I like the option of switching between the modes. It gives you a chance to easily compare the two.

HP (from the Absolute Sound) really loved the XS versions of the Premier series.

I've owned the Premier 12s in both power configs, as well as the 8's in both. I preferred the triode versions IF the speakers were relatively efficient. I actually compared the 12 and the 12xs side by side for about 2 weeks and came to the conclusion that the xs version had more air and seemed slightly more natural in timbres than the 6550 version. I ultimately kept the 12xs and sold the other pair. My experience with the 8's has been that the bass control with the 8As was noticeably more authoritative than the 8xs.The xs versions of both amps have a sweeter midrange, but are slightly rounded at the extremes. Again, I used the 8xs more than the 8As.

One other consideration, the EL34s are cheaper to replace and produce less heat than the 6550s. Really, you can't go wrong with either version.

There are a lot of bits and pieces of information for you to patch together. Wish you could try before buy.

I used to own the 11a and then the 12's. Never owned xs versions. I currently own Cary SLI-80 and prefer triode mode over ultralinear. I also prefer KT88 over EL34.

Premier 11 and 12 era CJ amps are a bit more euphonic than more recent CJ amps, overall. Sweet lovely sound, but it could be a bit much if your other gear is "sweet" also. XS is sweeter yet, EL34's sweeter yet.

Generally I agree with the notes above. Triode sounds more natural, will always give you less bass control, softer treble that is perhaps more natural, and may or may not be powerful enough for your speakers. EL34's and triode mode are both naturally a bit sweeter with softer bass and top end compared to 6550/KT88 or ultralinear mode.

Finally, I remember also that the 8xs was either HP's favorite amplification or in the top two or three for many years. That is saying a LOT. I think that was at least a decade ago.