CJ Premier 17LS2 vs Premier 16LS2?

The 16LS2 has been discontinued and CJ has made some upgrades to the 17 and rechristened it as the Mk2. While it was clear that the 16LS2 was better than the 17LS, I wondered if anyone has experience with the new 17LS2 (up against the 16LS2). Comments?
The 16LS MKII is a much better preamp than the 17LS. They both share the same character, you just get more of everything with the 16LS. I had a chance to check out the 17LS and 17LS mkII side by side and thought the new version had a touch more resolution and extension in the treble. The differences were very subtle though. In my opinion the LS16 MkII is in a totally different class.
I upgraded from an original 17ls to a 16lsII and the difference was amazing substantially more detail and bass control. In my opinion worth the substantial higher cost to upgrade. Although I have not heard the 17lsII the circuitry is very similar to the original series I. The 17lsII is probably a step closer to the original 16lsI but still not in the same league. In my opinion the 16lsII is the better pre-amp over the 17lsII. Better circuitry (6 tubes versus 4) and better parts. Even CJ commented that they used the same higher quality parts in building the 16ls that they use to build the ART. They do not, however, make that same claim concerning the 17ls. The 16lsII is basically a single chasis ART.
Also remember the 16ls used 6 6922, and the new 17ls mkII used 4 6h30 super tubes, the characteristic of the 6h30 is very dry and analytical and not as much smooth and lush as the 6922.
I strongly agree with Markxiii and Czbbcl above - I upgraded from the original 17LS to the 16LS Series 2 and the difference was not subtle - the 16LS S2 is a MUCH better preamp all around - MUCH better build quality, better resolution and soundstaging, etc. Go for the 16LS S2 - it's the preamp that I'm keeping for the long term.
Wow- the "virus" has spread now to CJ.

6H30 tube in a CJ product- just incredible.

What a cold sounding piece of crap that tube is.
Does the LS16 series 2 still use the 6922 tubes as did the LS16?
Yes the LS16 Series 2 still use 6 6922.
I like that comment from you virus spread. I guess I will be keeping my 16ls mkII for awhile.