CJ Premier 16LS2 upgrade suggestions

Please share with me your experience in upgrading CJ preamps in general and the Premier 16LS2 in particular. My speakers are Focal 1008 BE monitors on Sound Anchor stands. Sources are an OPPO BDP 95 and a Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 transport and Processor III DAC. The preamplifier is a Premier 16LS2. The amplifier is a Premier IIA which has just received CJ's Teflon Cap upgrade. Speaker cables and interconnects are Siltech.
I am quite pleased with the system overall, and very pleased with the 11A upgrade ($1450), nonetheless I can't help myself and would like to continue improving the system. CJ offers a similar upgrade for the 16LS2, but at $5,500 it is far outside of my budget. I appreciate any thoughts you are willing to share. Thanks for your time.
Mr Foley,

I upgraded from the 16s2 to c-j's ct-5 and was thrilled at the time. The ct-5 maintained the c-j sound but increased the clarity etc. One of my favorite upgrades. The new, lower priced ET-3SE also has the teflon caps and is a smoking great bargain in my opinion. I have both the CT-5 and ET-3SE with built in phono. Both are terrific pieces.

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Hi Mfoley3, For years, I ran my Mini Utopias with the Premier 17LS preamp and both the Premier 11a and Premier V amps. In my opinion, the 16LS2 is your strongest component. Also, I found that the Premier 11a likes a really easy load, even easier than my Mini Utopias which are easier than your 1008 BEs. But perhaps the new caps changed that.
Hi Phaelon, I've had the 11A since it was new. Over the last year, I've been using it with the Electra 1008 BEs. The change resulting from the Cap upgrade has been quite positive, with essentially all elements of its sonic performance improved.
I appreciate your perspective on the 16LS2. Perhaps I should consider an alternative CJ preamp rather than looking to upgrade it?
Thanks for your time.
I believe that your 16LS2 already has the teflon caps in it. That's what the 2 at the end signifies.

If your amp is suited to your speakers (I don't know if it is or not) the newer c-j preamps use only one or two tubes making them much cheaper to tube roll than the 16LS2.
Hi Tomcy6, thanks for your response, it prompted me to do a bit of research.

I spoke with CJ and Spearit Sound today. Here's what I learned:
the 16 LS2 does not have the teflon caps, that upgrade is $5500. Both CJ and Spearit Sound (who sells both CJ and Focal) tell me that my 11A power amp is a fine match with my speakers, particularly after the recent Teflon Cap upgrade. Based upon my very positive experience with the Teflon upgrade and its reasonable $1450 cost, I would recommend it to other CJ power amp owners.

I think your point of the fewer number of tubes in the newer CJ preamps along with the cost of upgrading the 16 LS2, definitely has me leaning in the direction of looking at a newer preamp.

Thanks for your time.