CJ Premier 140 vs. Mcintosh MC2102

Can anyone give me and idea of how these amplifiers compare to each other. I have heard the Mcintosh but not the CJ. Any help would be greatly appreciated
both are incredible....you have picked 2 models that are actually a coin toss......the cj is always believed to be on the sweet(old fashioned)side, in terms of sound, but the premier 140 has great control of the entire soundscape, as does the mac.
I've had both amps in my system, though not at the same time. As Jaybo states both are very nice amps, however the PR140 has noticeably more power, control, and drive, and is actually the more neutral sounding amp.
Have had both names, but not same models !!!.. anyway... McIntosh amps are more "gutsy", "V" shapped frequency response, great build quality and high POO ratio, CJ amps are more musical, fleshed-out kind of presentation, great tonality but quite restricted at both ends (high and lows).

Both great and fun amps.