CJ Premier 11A w/ CJ17LS or Premier 14?

Has anyone heard the CJ Premier 17LS compared to the Premier 14 or 14L? I'm trying to match the preamp with a CJ Premier 11A amp. I've had a BAT VK5i which also uses the same 6922 tube as the 17LS but was told that the older CJ Premier 14 may sound better. Speakers used are the Von Schwiekert VR5. I want a preamp that can really layer the soundfield, wide & deep soundstage (when called for) and is rich in harmonics.
have you tried the old Premier 10 preamp? It is supposed to be similar to the P14 for MUCH less $$$. Very rich and (from what I understand) similar to the 14. They can be found (scarcely) used.
i agree with mfgrep why pay a lot more. the only bad thing with the preamp cj ten is the volume control that got a tendancy to make little noise when playing with the knob otherwise the sound of that preamp is tratospheric and you could add WBT PLUG PLUS REMOVABLE POWER CORD and it will be a great match for the premier 11
I had the 11A and used a Bell Canto Sept 2. It uses two 6922 tubes. I liked it better than the Premier 14. I still own the Bell Canto.
try to audition a sample of each. Obviously, a difficult challenge. I own one and have extensively auditioned the other. I prefer the 16LS over either.
Gino, Which CJ do you now own, the 17LS or the 16LS? How would you describe the differences between the 16LS & the 17LS?????? Thanks / Darrell