CJ Premier 11 driving Thiel 2.4?

70 wpc CJ Premier 11 & CJ PV-12 pre enough to do justice driving a new pair of Thiel 2.4's in a12x14 room?
Its been a long while since I had Thiels (1.5) but from my experience with those and sub-100 W tube amps, I'd think not. Maybe Premier 12s or the Premier 140, if you're looking specifically for CJ, but I have no direct experience with that combination. From the specs alone on the 2.4 I think they'll need more than the Premier 11 can give.
I had premier 11 driving a pair of 3.6's and the mid to upper frequencies were very good but lacked bass. I replaced it with a cj mf2500a and then replaced it with a premier 350; bass was no longer an issue.

why not find a used set of Vandersteen Quatros
they are phase and time alliengd like the thiels, offer a much easier tube IMP load,high pass lowers distortion improves dynamics clarity built in Bass amp has adjustable room compensation for your 12 x 12 room.
Best Johnnyr
Yes absolutely! I am powering my 2.4s with a CAV50 into a much larger space with high ceilings. Enjoy!
Go to look at the impedance and phase of the CS 2.4 and you 'll immediately understand that this speaker sounds only with very powerful Solid State amps.
How can a Tube amp copy the 2.7ohms long deep in the CS 2.4 mids?
Just put two Parasound Halo JC1's or a Mark Levinson .. or a Krell , Plinius , Edge , Bryston etc... to understand what are you missing with Tubes..