cj Premier 11 capacitor upgrade

Looking at conrad johnson's website, I see that they're offering their C1 capacitor upgrade to several vintage amps/preamps including the Premier 11. These are their proprietary Teflon capacitors. I always thought that the Premier 11 was a very musical little amp and would welcome anyone who has either had or heard this upgrade to comment.
I just saw it on their website also and plan to get the upgrade done to my CJ Premier 8A monoblocs so as soon as I do I will let you know how they sound.
I have recently had my prem 8a's upgraded with cj's teflon caps.

added transparency, a little quieter and overall a more sophisticated musical presentation

highly recommended.
I just upgraded the caps on my Premier 12's. Outstanding. I have 88.5db speakers and they always sounded a bit sluggish with the P12's. Not any more. Now more attack and overall better control and detail. Lifted another veil or two. Everything sounds better and its only been a few days. Very close now to the LP140M's, except the 140's have a little more bass. We'll see if there's more bass with break in - plenty now anyway.
Hi Ddrave44,
Just to be clear, you had the Teflon cap upgrade offered by conrad johnson? They are supposed to require a lengthy break-in and sound terrible until they do.
Hi Phaelon

No the teflon caps do not sound terrible on the amplifiers - they will get better but will sound pretty good off the bat. You get more body, flow and slightly better dynamics as the caps break in.

OTOH, the pre amp with teflon caps changes quite a bit over the break in.
Hi Ddrave

In my experience you will not get much if any additional bass with the teflon caps, even after break in. The bass will breath better. - so the LP140's will have the advantage in ultimate bass impact.

But as you said, all other aspects of the sound change for the better.

Cap upgrade, expensive yes, but well worth it and much cheaper than LP140's or LP275's.
Hi Downunder- Thanks for letting me know what to expect. I appreciate it.
And Hi Phaelon- Yes, CJ did the work.
Like Phaelon said, these sounded much improved as soon as they came back. CJ told me that they ran the amps for a while once the work was done. I'm not sure, but I wouldn't think that they ran them for more than a day or two. If they get even better on further break in that would be good too!
I've heard the Premier 11 and its a nice amp. I'll be interested to see what you find if you get the upgrade done. Good Luck.