CJ Preamps: Premier 10 vs Premier 14 vs. "Classic"

I intend to buy a used CJ preamp to go with my CJ MF-2100 amp and my Snell Type A speakers. Can anyone comment on the sonic differences between a Premier 10 vs. Premier 14 vs. “Classic” preamps? I understand the difference in features (remote, etc).

Heard both in two different sytems but similar (Acoustat speakers with Krell amplification). The 10 is the classic "lush and warm" preamp. The 14 is also warm but I would say a little more precise with a little more dynamics. But it's still the last classic CJ preamp of the older era. Both are involving units. They both run on 6GK5 tubes, not as precise as 6922, and not as reliable, but very affordable.

I would pick the 14. For reference, I have a Premier 16.

Good luck !

I second Andr's reccomendations. CJ 14 is better, i.e. More neutral, than cj10. The 16 is even better. I do not have experience with the "classic" so cannot comment on it.
I forgot to say. I haven't heard the "classic". Had a look at the specs on cj's website to find out it has 6C4 M8080 tubes in it. Which is most probably from the Mullard bunch CJ bought and is probably the sole supplier. They used that tube in the PV-14 and PV-15. That tube has a warm signature. I had the PV14 as my first pre. A very nice sounding unit. Reliable and simple. Just not the same level as a 10 or 14 though. So if the classic ressembles more of a PV 14 (same mrsp), you will IMHO be better with a 10 or 14 in good working condition.

Regards !