CJ preamp upgrade suggestions

I'm currently considering upgrading my PR16LS2 to one of the following: ET5, ACT2S2 or GAT (the GAT would be a stretch). My system consists of an Esoteric K-03, CJ PR16LS2, CJ LP140M monoblocks, Focal Electra 1008 BE monitors, JL Audio F110 sub, Siltech IC and SC, Running Springs Haley power conditioner and Acoustic Zen Gargantua and Krakatoa PC. Our listening room is 20x22 feet with 9 foot ceilings. We listen mostly to jazz and love vocals and acoustic instruments. Periodically we listen to classic rock and larger scale classical music. I'm at an age where I intend this to be my final set of system upgrades. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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I upgraded from a 16 series 1 to ET5. I enjoyed both and could happily live with either one. With the ET5 you will get a more dynamic and better defined sound stage. It is a little dryer sounding than the 16. One big advantage to ET5 is that it only uses one tube and greatly reduces the re-tubing costs. In the end I am glad I made the change.

System: Wilson Watt/Puppy 7, Cary 805C, CJ ET5, Berkley DAC, CJ 15 series 2, VPI TNT 3.5 turntable