CJ Preamp LS17/LS 16 Owners Why Did You Sell Yours

I remember hearing the the CJ LS17 versus the ARC LS 25 MKII and thinking that if they could be one preamp, that would be the one I'd purchase for the price range. So why did you sell yours and what are you using in place of it? Are there any amp matching issues with the unit, etc?

Thanks and Happy Listening.
I sold my 17 to upgrade to the 16. I love the unit and would only sell my 16 to upgrade to the art.

I'm still happily using my 17LS. No plans to get rid of it :-)

I have had the CJ Premier 16LS and the ART preamp and let me tell you this. The ART is in a different league than the 16LS. The ART does everything the 16LS does on a much bigger and more lifelike scale. I ultimately moved to a SS preamp and amps because I listen so much that retubing the tube gear was costing quite a bit a year.

Hope this helps,

I had owned 17ls and sold to 16ls still in love with it. Also you might want to look into the new cj line the 17ls MK II, and also there is one between 16ls and art since they are stop making these.
I just recently got my 17LS. I love it. I can't imagine
not having it in my system. I do plan on upgrading mine
to a 17 LS2 at some point but for now I'm too busy
enjoying it.