CJ preamp good match with Ayre amps?

I am looking to add a tube preamp for my Ayre V-5xe amp and am looking at the new CJ ET3. Will that be a good match? Anything better than that in terms of tube preamp with HT bypass? Another one I am considering is a ARC LS26 (used of course).
Go for the ET3 SE. It will be a better match. Also consider Herron.
I would keep it in the family--http://www.ultraaudio.com/equipment/ayre_k5xe.htm
Is the SE really worth the extra cash... also with regards to Ayre preamp... i would really like to get a tube preamp.
Ayre gear is fully balanced. CJ gear is not. The Ayre components I've heard sound better when used balanced. Not to say the CJ preamp won't work and sound fine, just that the system may fall shy of what is possible. I have not heard either so this is just an 'on paper' consideration.
My memory tells me that there is an input/output impedence mismatch. It's been a few years.