CJ pre-amp with McIntosh amp?

I've been thinking of upgrading my CJ MF2250 amp to a McIntosh, such as the 352. I'm driving Dali 400's and have heard the McIntosh really makes them sing. I also really like my CJ PV-15 preamp, and wonder how the McIntosh would partner with the CJ.
Have you considered a cj MF2500A. It would be a nice upgrade to your 2250 and you would be assured of system synergy.

agree with chuck.
Yes indeed, I have considered the 2500a. If I stay within the CJ family, I would want to upgrade quality-wise as well, not just with more power, although i understand the "a" upgrade is well worth the extra cash. Any other thoughts?
Yes the 2500A is more than just a power increase. The "A" upgrade adds more PRAT to the standard 2500. I had a 2500 which I had upgraded to the "A" level and the improvement was not subtle. If you like the cj sound you probably won't lke Mac at least I don't but that's my taste.

There are a couple of 2500's for sale now for around $1500. would it be worth it to buy one and send off to CJ for the A upgrade?
I would ask cj for the cost of the upgrade. When I had mine upgraded it cost $500.00 plus shpping to them; they covered the shipping back to me. Hard to say whether it is worth geting one upgraded or wait until an "A" pops up. An original factory "A" model will be newer although if you send the unit in for an upgrade cj will go through it to make sure it is up to specs. I guess it depends on how much of a hurry you are in.

Maybe I should just get the upgrade for my 2250
Another thought . I don't know if you would or ever considered a tubed amp but there is a premier 11a available on this site right now (no association). I had one paired with a pv-10 driving a pair of thiel 3.6's and it sounded wonderful. I will have more guts than your 2250 and be more musical even with the "A" upgrade on your 2250. The 11a also holds its value extremely well.

I'm actually considering a refurbished ET250s from spearitsound. I think that with the Dali 400's it would be best to stick with solid state for bass control.
Great choice as well. I agree the combination of tube pre and ss amp is very good indeed; the best of both worlds. Good Luck.

I have read that the CJ 2500A has a captive power cord. Does anyone know how long it is?
It does have a captive power cord and I want to say it is about 6ft in length. I never had an issue with the power cord being too short and I have a fairly long run to my outlet. I have heard of people having an IEC installed by a qualified technician. But I never felt the need.

Thanks. I just bought one without realizing it had a captive power cord. Doh! I need it to be a little over 7ft. or else I'm going to have to connect it to a power strip.
Actually I would, just as you proably did, expect a power amp of that ilk to have an IEC end which would allow you to use whatever power cord you wanted. Most other cj products do soI do not know why the 2500 doesn't. I think the 2250 has an IEC connector as well, so it makes little sense to me that cj would do something different with the 2500.

My 2250 has an IEC connector. Both amps are very musical BTW. If and when I do upgrade I'll probably keep the 2250 for a bedroom system with some dali 300 speakers or something similar. Once I move into a larger space I will need more power to control the bass on those 400's. Right now the 2250 is just fine for my bedroom.