CJ PFR question - is it OK to leave the preamp on

I listen to my system very infrequently (about once a month for 10-30 min) Should I keep the preamp unplugged? I got the impression it was safe to keep on.
I leave mine on 24-7. If i were only powering up once a month i would probely turn it off. But you must give it 24 hrs to warm up!!!
The PFR does not have an on/off switch for the reason it is better to leave it on, so was designed that way. It takes probably 4+ hours for it to sound its best on warm up, so if you feel you want to shut if off, then turn it on in the morning you plan to do some listening or the night before. If you are using a power conditioner with an on/off switch, that may be a good way to control it. I have a couple CJ Motif preamps that came before the PFR and they have been on for years.