cj no xlr?

why doesnt conrad johnson offer xlr inputs? is it cost or technical inability?
They don't believe in it because they feel that a single gain stage is best thanks to its simplicity.

It is terrible to suggest Bill and Lew and their crew have a "technical inability." Their chosen route is simply their own design philosophy and they have been extremely successful worldwide with it. They make $15,000 components so it definately isn't for cost reasons.

If you don't like it, you can choose something else. But don't put them down for believing in what they do.

As Aball says, it's a design choice. C-J believes they deliver a sonically superior device by eschewing the added complexity of the balanced design. They are not alone in this respect.
Balancing doesn't really add complex circuitry if done right. A truly balanced design uses mirror imaged circuitry that is the opposite polarity of the other. It may not make much difference in sound quality but lowers the noise floor and cancels out hum. Which I suppose does make a difference in sound quality.