CJ MV-55 with Vandersteen 2CE's. A good match?

My concern is whether my MV-55 will be a good fit for the 2ce.
(I don't rock but I enjoy poopular music, classical, and jazz. Passive preamp. My tube set is on thw warm side: Mullard 12ax7, RCA VT-231, & Svetlana EL-34.)
I am looking for a wide and dynamic sound stage.
Does anybody have experience with a CJ MV-55 or CAV-50 with the Vandersteens?
As a long-time Vandersteen owner and enthusiast, it's hard for me to offer potentially negative comments about the Vandy product line. However, I think that your "warm tube set" (to use your phrase) and the CJ MV-55 is not a felicitous pairing with the Vandy 2Ce's. The 2Ce's are often characterized as warm, even a bit dark, and I think they are better matched with a more neutral sounding preamp / power amp. I listen primarily to jazz and classical, with some blues and world music thrown in for good measure, and have found with the various Vandersteens I've owned (2Ci, 2Ce, 3A, and now 3A Signature) that "tubey" sounding tube gear is overkill with the Vandy speakers. Further, if you want good dynamics (particularly from the bass frequencies) from your system, you may be better served with a neutral to warm sounding solid state amp paired with a good tube preamp (I've heard Ayre solid state electronics driving Vandy 2Ce and 3A Sig speakes, and thought they make an excellent combination. You might consider a good tube preamp with an Ayre amp.)
its a good match..in fact, the cj will drive the vandys as well as any amp,ss or tube....and the combo will be great on less than perfect recordings.
I agree with SDCampbell. This would not be a good match for the reasons he stated. I've been there, done that. SD knows what he's talking about.
I also agree with Sdcampbell. When it comes to Vandies, I've found his comments and observations to be right on.

Further, being a current owner of 2CE's, I can attest to the fact that warm, "tubey" sounding amps are not the best match.

In addition to Sdcampbell's recommendations, you might want to look into McCormack amps. Solid state, but supposed to be slightly "tube-like" in sound, and an excellent synergy with Vandersteen speakers.
Okay. Thanks for all the posts!
If the Vandersteen's are not a good match and I already own the CJ amp, what speakers would match well?
(I don't want monitors. Budget about $1000.)
try the vandys before you give up...the cj is not a mushy midrange tube amp....on the warm side of many ss units,but certainly tonally correct....also castle harlechs($1050....reg price $2300..on audiogon. you are correct not to get monitors
get the Athena FS-2, $ 599.00 and don't look back.