CJ MV-55/60 comparison VS. Quickie Mid Monos

I figured there would be more comparisons in the Archives,
but I came up pretty empty. I want to try an amp in this general price range. I have owned V4's , and Premier 8A's, but at different times in totally different rooms and systems. I enjoyed both amps alot though. In the here and now, I am looking for an amp that will mostly serve duty in a second system. I noticed on the CJ site, the MV55/60 uses the 6SN7 input tube, and have heard these are great sounding amps. The MV60 is said to be so good, it knocked the Premier 11A out of the line, and at a lower price point. I am also considering the Quickies, which generally offer more flexibility for tube rolling as well as Kt88 or El 34's in the same amp. The other difference I am aware of is that the CJ's do employ circuit boards, while the Quickies eschew the use of PCB's. IMO, both company's have a great rep for reliability and service when needed. These units as well as the pmr 11A's are within my price range, so I won't split hairs over price considerations between these amps.Thanks in advance for your input.
Wow!! Nothing on an MV55, MV60, or Mid Mono. I have to stir things up here. C'mon, Silver Vs. Gold. Serena Vs. Venus in a steel cage match, tennis racquets permitted. Just any basic experience will do. No need to get too in depth. Just looking to see if they were quiet, reliable, maybe what speaker you drove with them.... Am also interested in comparisons just between the CJ pieces or the Quickies for that matter. My guess on the Quickies is this. I am betting that the Mid Mono with the right speaker load may be the sonic equal of the V-4 for instance. With the Connie J's, bigger differences in sound with changes and different generations.