CJ MF2500A or Parasound A21 or ? For B&W N802

I would like to hear any opinions on what I amp to use with my B&W N802s. The Parasound JC-1's are just too big and a little pricey for me (but if I hear a plethora of reasons for why I must get them I might). The A21 and the CJ MF-2500A I hear great things about and they are reasonably priced. I have a tube preamp and do like to that kind of sound.
Cannot address the CJ, but I owned an A21 and used it with my B&W 804s for a number of years.

I did end up getting JC1s and am glad I did. B&Ws need power (I'm sure you have heard that before), and the more the better. I don't think my A21 was as happy with the 3.5 ohm low end speaker impedance of the 804 (and other B&Ws) as the JC1 is. The JC1 can drive 2 ohm loads whereas the A21 is limited to 4 ohm loads.

Not that the A21 sounded strained or in difficulty. Its just that the JC1s sounded much better, so much so I would never go back to the A21.

If the CJ is tubed, I would think it would have more difficulty with the B&W unless listening levels are low.
I used to drive a pair of Thiel 3.6's with a 2500A and it did a fine job. The dealer I bought it from also sold B&W speakers and used it to drive them (B&W) in his demo room. The 2500A is a very good amp for the money and has a very smooth and detailed sonic signiture. Sorry I can not comment on the Parasound. And if you go the cj route be sure it is an "A" model as it is much better than the non A.

I see your selling your 2250 and looking for a 2500. Get an A if you can and also consider a passive bi-amp not really for the extra power but for the image improvement and better coherency. I use a 2500A and an older 2100 together in a passive bi-amp and the improvement is pretty big.