CJ - MF2500 & SA400 Comparison

Any input on these 2 amps would be appreciated. I am thinking of buying one of these amps, but I am not sure which one. I have heard the SA400, and it sounds very warm and smooth, am I better off buying the 400 or spend the extra bucks and buy the more expensive 2500. My system consists of the following.

Proceed CD transport, Cal Alpha dac, SF Line3 and the Alon4 Speakers. Thanks
Spend the extra $$$ and get the MF-2500. It's really a much better amp. You'll still have the smoothness of the SA400 but with more harmonically correct and richer mids, better resolution, definately more refinement. SA 400 tends to sound mushy at the bottom. The MF-2500 is fast, well controlled and better extended in the bass.
I would agree with getting the MF amp. It based on I once had the SA250 and later got the MF2250 which was noticeably better. The SA amps are great at their price point, but the MF are worth the extra $$ if you can afford it. FYI, I now have the Blue Circle SS amps which I like even better. The BC26 is 200 watts at 8 ohms and steady all the way to 800 watts at 2 ohms.