CJ MF2300A- What's a good price?

I've been keeping an eye open for either Aragon 8008, Classe CA201, or Threshold S300 as an upgrade to the Adcom GFA-555-II to power my Thiel CS3.5s. I believe these are all in the $1000 +/- range. I've got a firm lead on a minty CJ unit--MF2300--bought from a dealer and upgraded to the "A" version and it is local. What would be a fair price to offer for it? How would it compare to the other units I'm considering?
There's a Threshold S 500 Series II for sale here on Audiogon now. I highly recommend that model for use with your Thiel 3.5's. If you really want a c-j, IMHO the MF 2500A is the better c-j.
What're they asking? My guess would be, $1k or less (less would be nice). I have a MF2500A--it is excellent--& a MF2250--also excellent. I haven't heard the 2300A, but at the right price......
Recommend an amp with more curent than that one.As mentioned above the Threshold would be good if you can figure the history.It will need caps soon if not already done.The Aragon is a nice choice.The CJ is a fine amp but depending on the room size it may not be enough,good luck,Bob
Thanks all for the comments. I wasted no time in jumping on the Aragon 8008BB currently for sale here. The local seller wanted $1350 for his MF2300A. An audiophile buddy recommended the Aragon, so there I am. Looking forward to seeing if it truly outshines the Adcom, chances are good.