CJ MF 2200 - how hot is too hot?

I am testing a Conrad Johnson MF 2200 with PF-2 pre.
I love the amp but it gets very hot. The hat sinks can be barely touched after 1-1.5 hours of playing. The sound is incredible but I think this is excessive.
Any experience or opinion on this?

I contacted CJ and they suggested that is end in the unit for check up, but stated that it runs hot.
Hi, I had a cj mf2200 amp, It was a nice sounding amp, but it never, and I mean never got that hot, and I used it to power a pair of martin logan monolith iii p speakers, they are a hard load to drive. Even after hours of hard use it never got too hot. Id send it to cj for a check, they are great people and they will find the problem. Good luck!
I ran c-j ss for years with Thiels, I did experience a few blown fuses, but never excessive heat.
On the other hand I did experience friendly, professional service from c-j.
Thanks guys. I will follow your advice.