CJ LS17 vs ARC LS15


I'm using an ARC LS15 with infinicap upgrade into Sim W10 mono's with Maggie 3.6's.
I want to add a little more midrange body/warmth without losing any detail, dimensionality and transparency.

I've tried the CJ PV14 which added that extra bit of midrange bloom but lost a little detail and transparency.

Would the LS17 be a good step up from the ARC or a sidways step? How much better is it than the PV14?
Any ideas?


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I think if you can pick up a s/h prem 16 you will be making a nice step up. The prem 16 is smooth, dynamic and slightly warm with superior remote control. Just don't run long interconnects over 3 metres

ps, I don't think the prem 17 is neutral but a little warm - I have not heard the series 2 but I doubt if cj would dramatically change the sound.
Rooze, I purchased my Amperex 7308s (white label) from Tubeworld (www.Tubeworld.com). They were not cheap - I believe $750 for a set of 4 NOS tubes from the early 1960s. They were well worth the price - the difference was amazing. Check out "Joe's Tube Lore" for a detailed discussion of vintage 6922s and 7308s - its referenced on other recent posts regarding tubes in the amps/preamps section.
Rooze, I purchased my Amperex 7308s from Tubeworld (www.tubeworld.com). They were expensive ($750 for a matched set of 4 NOS Amperex white label from the early 1960s) but well worth the cose. I reseached info about tubes - the best source I found was "Joe's Tube Lore" the link to "Joe's Tube Lore" can be found in the thread "Amperex PQ6922 vs Amperex PQ7308" near your thread here on Audiogon. You can also e-mail him (he responded in that thread) to see where he purchases tubes - might be different from Tubeworld.

I also have to agree with Jafox as I have heard nothing but good things about the LS5 mark III.