CJ ET3SE vs ATC-1 or ET5 vs ATC-2

So I have a Conrad Johnson PR140, rebuilt by CJ usilizing KT 120 tubes. I have Sonus Faber Luito 3 way floor standing speakers. Decent enough cables. I need a preamp. Bouncing between the Airtight and the Conrad Johnson. Not only bouncing on the entry level, but the step above taking me from the $4000 range to the $8000. Well, whick is the better pre, and do I need to step up to the middle of the road products or will the entry level work wonders. Thanks
Well since no one is chiming in I will take a shot. I would stick with in the cj line for system synergy's sake. Moving further up the line will yield more detail as well as better frequency response at the extremes. How much better and whether it is worth the extra cost is up to you.

CJ gear is best matched w/ CJ gear.
Keep us posted.
I have decided to go CJ, but torn between the ET-3SE and the ET-5. I had a budget of $4000. I could get the SE with a Phono for that budget. However, I keep hearing the ET-5 is really noticeably better. It's killing me. I could find the money, but that is a lot of money. It is hard to wrap my head around spending $7000+ for one piece of stereo equipment. Am I nuts. Would you really have to listen hard to hear the difference, or does it really jump out at you.
I questioned to CJ on their opinion, ET vs ET3-SE. First step per them, upgrade the amp with the C1 cap upgrade. The ET3-SE with that amp is outstanding. Even more noticeable will be the enhancement of the ET5. Since they have my amp in hand to perform other maintenance, I am thinking the upgrade is wise. I have to wait for a tech to get back to me when the amp is on a bench to find the real pricing of the operation. I may have no choice on preamps once I have to sink additional money into the amp. Kind of bummed my $3,100 amp is becoming a $5,300 amp. I was not anticipating doubling the cost to get into the system.
Kingrex, Do you think the amp upgrade was worth the investment ?