CJ ET3 SE Preamp for a CJ Premier 11A amp?

I have a CJ Premier 11A tube amp in my primary system and a NAD 3155 integrated SS amp in my secondary system; each amp is connected to a different set of speakers. I have also a PS Audio phono stage which I want to connect to a preamp; I presently use it without one. I want to buy a preamp that will match well with the Premier 11A but which can also be connected to the NAD amp. I therefore need a preamp with two main outputs, do I not? The theatre output/loop and the EPL1 output/loop on a CJ ET3 (SE or not) preamp, for example, cannot be used to connect to a secondary amp simply to play music from LPs or CDs. Right? I would do better with, say, a CJ Premier 17LS (SE or not) preamp which has 2 main outputs.

I am asking this because I would like to get the later model preamp (the ET3 SE) with the teflon capacitors rather than the earlier (Premier 17LS) without them. (I know that there is a 17LS SE but none is available at the moment at Audiogon.)

You might also advise me about the matching of my Premier 11A with a preamp. One critic says that the ET3 is best used with a SS amp:

“The nearest thing to a fly in the ointment is the need to be careful in choosing a good power amp to go with the ET3. Mix this in with a very warm and soft sounding tube power amp and the result could be too much of a good thing. The old classic combination of valve preamp and solid-state power amp works wonders here, and an Edge power amplifier (see next issue) made an absolutely perfect partnership.”

I have also heard that ARC preamps do not match well with CJ amps. So, I have crossed them off my list. Has anyone an opinion about that? Thanks.
Franz -

the CJ ET3 is a killer pre-amp. I spent some time w/ it last year paired w/ the CJ classic 66 power amp. This combo totally controlled a pair of B&W 802D loudspeakers.

I can only imagine the bettered (SE) upgrade to this already wonderful pre...
Normally, I don't pay any attention to what reviewers say, but the one you quote may be relevant. Your 11a is a very laid back component. If the ET3 is similar in sonic character, it really may be too much of a good thing. The 17 may be a better option if you don't want to go too far in one direction.

As far as looking to another brand, ARC or otherwise, I don't think you have to. CJ's preamps are outstanding overall. I've owned several and still have a Premier 18. Its SS and wouldn't hesitate to recommend that, as well.
Just as a point of information, the Premier 17 with the Teflon caps is called the Premier 17LS2.

I've paired from most "tubey" sounding to least, the following preamps with an 11A: PV-10A, 16LS2, and 17LS. All sounded very good with the 11A, although my favorite was the 16LS2.