CJ EF-1 vs EV-1 phono preamps

I am planning (someday in the future) to add a phono pre to my recently acquired Conrad Johnson MF 2200 and PF-2 which drive a pair of Thiel CS 3.5.
I red really good things about both. The EV-1 is newer and tube but non adjustable gain vs EF-1.
Any experience with any of these? I will start with a Bellari VP 130 for now (I can get a new one for practically free) bt woul like to upgrade later.
I have the EV-1, it sounds absolutely incredible with my Basis 2000 TT. I purchased mine immediately after Michael Fremer gave it a class A rating on Stereophile. It has only 49db of gain, so trying to find the best cart for it for me was a little frustrating. You'll also have to deal with replacing tubes after so many hours of listing - they were $120.00 from CJ the last time I did this. The EV-1 is no longer available new, but I've seen them listed as low as $800.00 on here. They are wonderful!
Thanks a bunch! What amp and pre do you use with it if I may ask?
Sancho, I use the T series from Threshold. T3i pre and T-200 power amp. 90's stuff.