CJ Classic 2 line stage pre-amp?

Hoping to hear from owners of this entry level pre-amp from Conrad Johnson. What amp & speakers are you using it with? What did it replace? How do you find it w/respect to imaging, air, stage width & depth, resolution and tonal balance? (You know, the usual half dozen or so things to obsess about). Also, I have come across reference to a CJ house sound but not sure what that means. Thanks in advance for your comments on any and all of the above.
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I purchased the Classic 2 SE (the upgraded SE version is a must in the long run) in November '13 and love it. Warm, lush - I can listen to it for hours. I had an all LSA system (treated by John Tucker to Statement level) but didn't get enough cowbell when I wanted it. I purchased a Bryston 14BSST and paired it with my Oppo bdp-105 and was not happy with the overall sound and volume control. Thats when I chose the CJ and have never looked back. Very happy results that get better the more I break it in. I am installing Shunyata power cords and distribution to the mix to take it even a little higher.

Yes, I do have to get off my listening chair to change volume, but the improvement in sound is well worth it.
CJ makes great preamps. I've had several. I haven't heard the Classic 2, but I would definitely recommend you listen to it before you make a decision. It looks very similar to the PV 10 and 12's. If its based of those designs, it may be too much of a good thing. Those preamps were a bit too forgiving, and I felt that made them a little dull sounding. As you move up the CJ line, that's not the case.

Understand, though, I'm just guessing here. I saw that no one answered your post and am just trying to give you some info that may help. I have a Premier 18 that I like very much. I know its SS but I would definitely buy it again. If you can find a good used one, I would consider it.
Thanks, Zd. I know "back in the day" CJ was well regarded. Wasn't sure about current products. Yup - certainly best to find a seller that will allow home audition and return after a trial (if needed). Your comments about "too forgiving" duly noted. Wondering if that's the flip side of what people mean regarding a CJ house sound. Thanks again for taking time to reply.
Soundsgood- thanks for the comments. What other equipment do you use the CJ pre-amp with? (esp., amp and speakers). I know the sonic image "cowbell" raises for me but would appreciate knowing what you have in mind when you use that word. Thanks again.
Wow, I just got your reply to this thread from one and half years ago. I loved the CJ sound that I got an MET-1 and had it upgraded to SE level by CJ.  After a while the warmth from the CJ got to be too much.  I have since moved on and have an Aesthetix Callisto Eclipse for a Pre and couldn't be happier.  Although it is in the shop right now.  I have sold the all my CJ equipment to afford the Aesthetix.  I would recommend the Aesthetix Janus or if that is too expensive the calypso.  Of course, the higher level equipment with the upgraded parts makes a big difference with Aesthetix.  If you want non-tube stuff, I have also had the Ayre K-5xeMP.  Wonderful sound for SS.  I would definitely pick on up for the right price on AudiogoN.   All the best.

You had a nice system- mountz-

why is your Aesthetix in the shop?

I have had a Classic 2SE for a few years and I love it.....I'm using it with a Gold Lion 6922 and it sounds great.   When I bought it couldn't decide whether to upgrade the preamp or my speakers.  I was using a McCormack RLD 1 pre and thought it was good but wasn't crazy about the pushbutton volume...it is a very nice pre no doubt but the c-j blew it away.

I'm using Quicksilver Mid Mono amps and driving a pair of Revel M106 along with a REL sub......

The Classic is the greatest return on investment and most noticeable improvement over just about any component I've ever owned....Is it a ET5? , no but it is natural and non fatiguing and you will be up all night listening to it....

I was using it for a little while with a McCormack DNA 125 which was a great combo.    I have a small room 40 watts is plenty for me but that combo of tube pre and great sounding solid state amp is a safe hassle free way into tube components.   

Thanks! for sharing- oddiofyl

I have never demo'ed the Classic 2/2SE, I have auditioned the ET-3 SE and it is wonderful. On an even higher level, I listened to a MET-1 and ACT2 Series2 in the same system.  Yes, CJ knows how to make a pr-amp. I wished that the Premier 350 power amp would resume production...

jafant:  I had a problem with the tubes.  Now it is in the shop with a remote and left channel problem.  It is tough when such an expensive piece of equipment has spent more time in the shop than at my house.  But that is the audio game!  I purchased an Audio Research LS-16 modded by Steve Huntley at the Great Northern Sound Co and love the sound.  Just won't go as loud for some reason, but the blacks are like a total eclipse (no pun intended)!  I just got an ARC PH-6 to dabble in phono with a Rega TT, should be arriving in a week.