CJ CAV-50 or VAC Avatar for Sonus Faber Grd Piano?

I'm currently looking for an integrated tube amp to drive a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Piano Concerto (not Home), and have narrowed down to the following 2 choices:

1. Conrad Johnson CAV-50
2. VAC Avatar

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these 2 amps and would appreciate any thoughts to help me make my decision. Thanks.
I was using a 50wpc BOW Wazoo integrated amplifier for my Sonus Faber Grand Piano Speakers (older model) and recently switched to a McIntosh MA6900 integrated amplifier. I cannot believe how much better these speakers sound with the McIntosh and 200wpc. The Grand Piano speakers need power to make them come alive. I have no experience with the above amps. cheers..
I've owned CJ gear before and really liked it, but the Avatar is hands down the better choice. Try to get the Special Edition, it has better guts and sounds nicer, plus comes with a remote. Build quality on the VAC is tremendous, and the ability to switch b/t 30w triode and 60w ultralinear is cool. I think the vac looks better too
I have had extensive experience with each.
The differences are not subtle. I love Bill Conrad, and have a good relationship of mutual respect with Lew Johnson. Through the years I have sold tonnage of their gear. However, the Avatar, which costs more is more to my liking. It is cleaner, clearer, soundstages better, and has fewer of the tube colorations, some of which I find negative. The Avatar played the dickens out of the Vienna Acoustic Mahlers. Deep rich soundstage, great bass, and honest to God, the most stable and easy to use bias I have ever seen. All in all a great product from one of the industry's truly good guys, Kevin Hayes. If you do decide to get one, you will love it. There is now a Super Avatar with 80wpc, which I have not heard, except vicariously through Kevin. Good Luck and Good Listening.
Larry R. Staples
Thanks guys for all your help. As much as I like the CJ, I'm going to spend the extra $'s for the VAC Avatar afterall for all the reasons listed on this thread. Now the logical next question is: what speaker cables should I consider?

- Nordost Blue Heaven
- Audioquest Slate
- Others?

Looking for a used pair for around/under $200. Any thoughts on this?