CJ ACT2 with Premier 140 or 350 or LP70S?

I just bought myself a VR4SR with 91DB. Need to change my 24 watt SET Unison Research S8 Integrated amplifier. Doesn't sound gd esp bass. Decided to purchase CJ ART2 but not sure which CJ power amp to pair it with. I listen to mainly vocal. On turntable I prefer rock song fr Pink Floyd, CCR, Fleetmac wood etc. Presently waiting for my VPI HRX turntable. My current system consists of the following : power cord, interconnect and speaker cable- transparent reference. Exactpower conditioner and Transparent PIXL. Transport CEC 51x connected to Benchmark DAC1 with balanced XLO signature cable. BDR cone supporting all the gears. Your opinion is much appreciated. Happy Listening
The act2 with prem 350 does sound good, however the prem350 does not sound like tubes, but sounds very good with any cj pre amp. It has a drier sound up top, slightly leaner, deeper sound in the bass than tubes.

If you prefer tube amps and the VR's don't have a low impedance, the prem140 would sound great as well.
I for one would recommend the 350. As always YMMV.


Depending on your musical preferences and volume requirements along with room size and accoustics with a 91db (Impedence ?) speakers you would probably be served very well with either tube or ss amp.

I am currently driving a pair of thiel 3.6's with a cj premier 350 and a cj premier 16lsII, audioquest amazon and volcano speaker cables and scd-1 front end. The combination of the 16 (tube-pre) and 350(ss-amp) is very involving and detailed and I would not call it thin on top but detailed and full with generous bass. I listen primarily to female jazz volcals and classical (symphonic and chamber) music.

At one time I had a premier 11a driving the thiels which obviously was not enough power to really drive them but the midrange and upper frequencies were beautiful and detailed. The 350 has all of that detail and more with much better bottom end. I would expect the premier 140 would be very nice as well so would the LP70S although I would think in the latter case the mono-blocs would be a better choice.

Downunder nice system
czbbcl, correction, the speaker sensitivity is 92db with ave impedance of 6ohm( 4ohm 20hz-150hz, 8ohm 150hz-20khz). when I was using the SET integrated amp I love the warm sound of the vocal and I listen mainly to vocal, jazz except on vinyl I do like some rock songs. That is why I wonder which is the more appropriate amp for my system. anyway, tq for yr feedbk. Happy Listening

Any of them would work very well with your speakers. If you were satisfied with your SET integrated and don't mind the heat and maintenance I would go with the 140 or the LP70M (mono-bloc). I must admitt an affection for tube amps after having owned my premier 11a (still miss that amp)but my speakers are just to inefficent. I did consider heavily the purchase of a 140 prior to purchasing the 350. However, I ultimately believe I made the right choice when I hear the clarity of the bass coming from those kettle drums on symphonic music.

As you probably know the 140 is discontinued so you would have to buy used. This gives you the opportunity to sell it and not lose much if any money if you choose to resell it. Good Luck in your decision and congratultions on your pre-amp purchase. Happy listening to you as well.

It really comes down to your ears. The 350 is an amazing amp and with an ACT2 you should be happy. Back to your ears...do you want tubes, clarity, detail, music or all of the above. The 140 is not a 350. It has a natural midrange but not all the robust and air of the 350. But, that is my opinion. It is my understanding that the LP70S will not have as much headroom as the 140 but is faster and more detailed and maybe even sweeter...teflon caps? But here is a new twist. CJ will ship the Premier 150 this spring. Using their terminology, it is a control amplifier. If I remember and have this right, it is half of the Premier 350 with the swtiching and volume control from the Premier 18. It has no gain and the volume control attenuates output. So, it is quasi passsive or a non-integrated integrated. It sounds lovely. I like this amp! One box. Great sound. More than enough power.
I haven't had an opportunity to listen to the 350, or the LP70S, however I am currently driving my 89db VR4 GEN III SEs with the 140, and think the combination works very well together. The 140 is optimized for 4ohm loads, so it shouldn't have any problems driving your Srs. In my room the 140 / VR-4 is capable of clean mid 90db output on complex music with well controlled, and tuneful bass. On the other hand you probably couldn't go wrong with the Act2 / 350 combination.
cellorover, are u saying there will be a new product called CJ150? quasi passive or non integrated intergrated amplifier?tq for responding. Happy listening
Yes. There is more to come. The Premier 150 is sweet. It is the size of a Premier 18 preamp and sounds amazing.
Let me correct myself. CJ introduced it CES as the CA 200
Congrats on the ART2!

The Premier 140 pairs with an ACT2 in my system that includes Audio Physic speakers rated at 89db which go down to 32HZ. The 140 has plenty of low-end harmonic weight and 'whumpf', and while it is quick, it is not as taut in the bass as a 350. The mid-range is delightful. It is the most neutral CJ amp I've heard, though still slightly toward the warm. Compared to some tube amps costing $3k-$5k more, the 140 comports itself nicely and used in the $4k range would be a good deal, imo. The ART should mate well with any of the choices on your list.

From what I understand as of late November, the LP140 monos and the LP70 are not broadly distributed yet. A few dealers have demo units, but don't know any who are selling. (any updates on this info?) Heard neither but *speculate* based on the teflon caps they will be more vivacious, dynamic and resolving. I wonder if it was CJ's (well placed) regard for the inclusion of the teflon caps that led them to give the 140 a life span of 4 yrs rather than their typical 6-7?

On the cusp of a model changeover for the tubed units, it might a consideration to look for a used 140, keep it a year or so, sell it for close to what you paid, then look at the LP140s. I'd want to hear any of the amps in my system straight into the wall before making a decision. If you want a SET sound with substantive bass, consider the EL-34 based Thor Audio Capriccio (~$10k) - should be gorgeous with your ART. Best of luck!
Chuck, thanks for the compliment. BTW I have sold the VTL7.5 and currently deciding between cj ACT2 and CT5. Still waiting for the CT5 to fully break in, so the ACT is clearly better at the moment. CT5 a little full in the bass and soft in the mids/treble -especially in microdynamics.

Didn't mean to imply the cj was thin, but compared to the cj tube amps, it is a little leaner compartively.
BTW I used to own the prem16 and it would be a nice match with the prem350.