CJ 18LS vs. Simaudio P-5

Folks, your input please. I'm deciding between a CJ 18LS and Simaudio P-5 preamp to be used with a Bryston 14B SST amp, Modwright tube-staged Sony NS999ES, with HT Truthlink interconnects. I've read both of these preamps tend to smooth out rough edges without sacrificing openess. Anyone have firsthand experience with either of these preamps?
I heard the P5 with JM Labs speakers in ATL and was not impressed in the slightest. The bass output was perhaps noticeably present but for the money it did nothing for me. It sounded detached, thick, and somewhat etched. While auditioning the dealer replaced the P5 with a CJ 17 and it blew me away. A bit fat and slower sounding but world's better than the P5. I was more impressed with the Sim Audio W-5 amp. FWIW
The input output matching here for the amp and preamp are key ingredients in the equation.
In theory, the cj, probably requires that you reverse the leads at the speaker, inverting absolute polarity, which is necessary, since all, I think, cj's have an odd number of gain stages. You may want to confirm this with Tor at cj. Call him and tell him that Larry Staples told you to call, and when you do so ask him how his new hip is!lol!
Seriously, you should call Bryston, and ask them for their best advice, and knowing them, they will, after of course recommending their own which is matched perfectly in terms of input output impedence give you great advice. They are good and reasonable people.
In general terms cj is softish in the upper mid high end. Beware of any gear that you need to cover up some notable problem with though. Sim Audio, to be fair makes very good gear, and while not as glossy sounding as cj should be darn good. Most all of the hardness that solid state has suffered the slings and arrows of through the years are absent here. You should know, though, that I made a very good living in a former life mixing tube preamps, especially cj's with solid state from other manufacturers. Nowadays even their solid state stuff has the same kind of smoothness.
Good Luck, and if you need any more info you can email me personally.
Larry R. Staples
Everything is relative including music taste which is no less subjective that taste in food, beer, or wine and why should it be. In addition, synergy between components or lack of it can make or break your flavor preferences.

CJ is a great company and so far has been rock steady in this era of hi-end shops closing their doors and new ones opening. However, I am very happy with my second system that includes Sim Audio Moon P-5 preamp, 2 bridged mono Bel Canto Evo amps, Analysis Plus Oval 8 speaker cables, DH Labs Revelation and HT Pro Silway II interconnects, and Talon Peregrine X Mark II (latest and last update) speakers. Speaking of Talon: The Talon's are simply incredible at recreating 3D space and now after several hundred hours of breaking in, other speakers seem broke in the sense they hilight details whereas the Talon's present acoustic music details as a sweaping soundscape. Very involving.