CJ 18LS VS Plinius M8

Hi There,
Any one compares those two?
I have no experience with either preamp, however, CJ is known for making good preamps, whereas Plinius is really only known for their class A amps. Also, the CJ pre is tubed vs. the Plinius being solid state.

No brainer in my mind... go with the CJ tubed pre.
Owned cj heard the plinius ........... two completely different animals ............. I do believe the cj 18ls is a ss unit and not tubed
I haven't compared the two but I do own the Plinius M8. It is a very musical preamp that provides very good detail, without sounding gritty or harsh. While it is ss and not tubed, I find its sound to be very liquid and organic - certainly not typical of ss.

It's one weakness is that the very lowest bass. It isn't out of proportion with the rest of the spectrum or non-existent, but rather, it isn't quite as strong and dynamic as some of the best preamps out there. Again, this area isn't bad in any way, just not the best I have heard and not quite as good as its outstanding mid-range and highs.

I am using a tubed source (Modwright Transporter), tube amps (Atma-Sphere MA-1's), and Vandy 5A's with the M8 and it really works well and is not out of place with the more expensive gear in the system.

While Plinius is known for their amps, I think this preamp is a sleeper product and might represent their best value proposition.

I highly recommend that you try to audition one and see if it works as well for you as it does for me.

"No brainer in my mind...go with the CJ tube pre."
The CJ 18LS is ss.
My bad... assumed the CJ pre was a tubed preamp. Thanks for keeping me honest ;-)
Sorry if I appeared rough on you, admit it, it was funny.