CJ 17ls vs CJ 16ls Mk II

In have the opportunity to upgrade from 17ls to 16ls mk II for $3000.00. Looking for opinions on how much of an improvement to expect for the additional money. I have Thiel 3.6's, audioquest cables, CJ MF2500 amp and phillips CD player. Listen mostly to classical and some jazz.

I have owned more than a dozen preamplifiers, including the Conrad Johnson 16LS Mkll.
I found it to be an amazing preamplifier, one of the best ever made.
Everything about the LS16 mkll is wonderful.
A great choice
Not sure what Phillips cd player you have. I would think either pre would benifit from a better source.--?
I just upgraded from CJ 17LS to 16LS Series 2. With less than 2 hours on the 16 it was sounding better than my 17LS with NOS Amperex and really good aftermarket power cord. I can't wait for it to properly burn in. My wife walked in room and said "how did the sound get better?"

I agree with Avguy that you may benefit more from better source. Plus the "A" upgrade to the MF2500 for $500 is supposed to be a significant improvement. I'll get mine in 2 weeks so I don't have an opinion yet.
Thank everyone for the feedback. I am also looking at the 2500 upgrade and will probably do it as well as order the 16ls this week.

I am, however, having a problem with upgrading my source it is a phiilips cd 80. The thing seems to do such a great job.

Thanks, Chuck
Agree with posts suggesting CD player upgrade. While your Philips "seems to do such a great job," I suggest you haven't heard what your system is capable of unless you audition players of the same quality as the rest of your components.

BTW, excellent choice of preamps. Good listening!
OK Ok I can take a hint so if any of you are looking at this post what cd players do you suggest?

Thanks, Chuck
What price range for your CDP? I like Cary 303/200 ($3000-LIST) or Cary 306/200 ($5000-LIST). I have the 306/200 along with a CJ PF-R SS preamp and CJ Premier 11a tube amp driving Tannoy D500 speakers.
I would consider up to $5000. I have considered the Cary 306/200, Sony SCD-1 and a couple Metronome products.How do you like your Cary? What other players did you consider?
In the $5K range, you might consider used Levinson, Wadia, Accuphase, etc., all of which are excellent performers and all of which can be purchased for $5K or less here on AudioGon. There are new one-box players, both Red Book and upsamplers, that may be found at this price point with a bit of negotiation.