CJ 17LS/LS2 vs AI M3A

To make a long story short... I have a AI M3A and I am thinking of upgrading to a CJ 17LS/LS2. I'd sure appreciate any help whether this would be a good move. The amp would be a MV60SE.
I have heard the LS with that amp and it was superb. The gentelman who owned it had upgraded to the LS2 and felt it wasn't worth the money. Back when I was looking for a tube preamp the ls17 was recommended to me by a fellow member on here as well as a Tad 150. I can say if I would have had the money I would have chosen the CJ over the Tad.
I've owned the 17 LS2 and the MV 60 SE. The 17LS2 is superb. However I grew tired of the 17 LS2 with the MV60SE. Not incisive enough, a little too syrupy. Never heard the AI Pre. While I sold both, I believe the 17LS2 is a better Pre than the MV60SE is as an amp.