CJ 16mk1, 16mk2, 17mk1 and 17mk2 difference?

I see people saying the 17mk2 is better than the 16mk1 or mk2.

I used to own an ART and loved it...needed to sell it for the $ and am now considering all of these...and am reading mixed opinions. Anyone have any real experience with hearing these units?

Listen mainly to Jazz and female vocals...using Magnepans and will, likely, use one of the CJ solid state amps.

Boy what an involved question. I will give you my opinion after having owned a 17lsI and having upgraded to the 16lsII of which I still own. The 16lsII as compared to the 17lsI is much more detatiled everywhere in the audio spectrum; it was a significant upgrade. I have not heard the 17lsII long enough to give an indepth opinion. What I did hear however did not make me want to sell my 16lsII and buy one; so maybe that says it all. However, if you owned an ART and enjoyed that you will be very close to that level of performance with the 16lsII. Good Luck.

Hey, Johnny--How ya doin??---Whatjd and I must have read the same add---wherein the seller say's his 17,2 was better than the 16,2,.--- Well if I had one up for sale; mine would be better than Art,4.---right??
In order of sound quality: ACT II, ART, 16ls2 and them a toss up between the 17ls2 and Premier 18.
I used to have the cj Premier 17LS Series 1 and upgraded to a 16LS Series 2. HUGE improvement over the 17LS Series 1 (haven't heard the 17 LS Series 2). I've had my 16 for about 2 years - not changing it anytime soon.
BTW,I see that pre has sold. I know if I had the Act iv 'that' pre is probably better,huh??