CJ 16LS mk II vs. CJ 17LS mk II

Hey, anyone here had a chance to compare these two preamps? The 16 is older and discontinued, but had a higher list price. The 17 is newer and current, and has a lower sticker price. They both sell for around the same price used. I'm just curious as if anyone has had a chance to compare the two units side-by-side. CJ says the 17 is better, but I'd prefer an impartial opinion.
i dont think you'll find a 16-2 for anywhere near the price of a 17-2.if you do,you should jump on it.
Hey Bill, you not just saying that because you happen to have one up for sale now, are you?
These are now on the 'GoN.

17 mk II

17 mk II

Machine's 16 mk II

As you can see, they are all in the same ballpark price-wise. The 16 was originally more expensive, but is now discontinued. The 17 is less expensive, but current.
I ask this question because I know many BAT fans who prefer the newer, less expensive VK-31SE to the older more expensive VK-50SE. They also sell for around the same price used now. Sometimes newer is better, sometimes it isn't.

BTW, I did shoot off an e-mail to CJ about your 16 w/ the serial number. I'll let you know when I get a reply.
john,the price on the 17 will eventually fall to the same proportionate level as all others,as newer models come out.the 17 is not on the same level as the 16,IMHO.of course c-j says the 17 is better,its a current model.of course i say the 16 is better,i want to sell mine.but look at orig. price,and the reason for the 16,s production on the heals of the act1.what would be cost of a 16 at todays prices?maybe i,m just full of it too!
I used to have the c-j PV-12. Upgraded to the original 17LS and then upgraded the the 16LS series 2. IMHO, the 16LS series 2 is way better than the original 17LS. The improvement of the 16LS series 2 over the 17LS was a much larger leap than the 17LS over the PV-12. Just my opinion - I'm holding onto my 16LS series 2 for a while.
I had an orginal 17lsI and then upgraded to the 16lsII. The 16lsII far outperformed my 17lsI. I have not heard the 17lsII personally but would think that it is very close to the 16lsII; but better I would be skeptical.CJ says it is better because of the new teflon caps that they are using.......but thats what I would expect them to say. I would personally jump on the 16lsII it is a very nice piece indeed especially given the prices on the used market. Just my opinion good luck and hope I could help.

See this thread--right up your alley.

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