Cizek Model II speakers ?

Anyone heard of Cizek speakers
Someone is selling a pair in the pittsburgh post-gazette cheap "with big woofers". Try
The audio dealer I worked at 30+ years ago carried them. Its been too long for me to remember too much about them but I do know they were not great sellers.
I vaguely remember selling this line when I worked at a high-end store back in the late 70's. I believe that they used a reverse-dome tweeter. based on my listening, they were decent sounding but to my ears were meant for a mid-fi system.
cizek is legendary. made some of the best small speakers ever....including ones available today.
Yes, I briefly owned a pair and sold some (a few) at a retail shop in Hampton, VA. They were an interesting alternative to the large Advents. My recollection is that they were similar to the Advents, but somewhat brighter and with better defined treble. The down side was that the surrounds on my woofers came apart. I would be surprised if they compare favorably to good bookshelf speakers of recent vintage.
Think his name was Roy Cizek (?)Think he was from Bloomington, Indiana area. Real ancient stuff, very crude by todays standards.
my cizek speakers are blown, and the foam is eaten away?
I am in CA. Does anybody know where and how to repair these?

Thank you for any help,
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