Citypulse Audio DA2.03e II vs. Benchmark USB DAC1

I had recently bought a Benchmark USB DAC1... it was good, but without a power switch, or a remote, it was always on & overall, I didn't think it was worth $1300 ... I just received my Citypulse Audio DA2.03e II USB DAC & i got to say, it is AWESOME! It smokes the Benchmark in every way!! I run it directly into my AMP & bypass my PRE. The sound is UNREAL & the quality of the unit, honestly, you would never think it was Chinese... Even the brushed aluminum remote is nice! For $550 from audio magus dot com, there isnt a better USB DAC on the market... (Using Sunfire pre & amp with B&W 804 speakers & now a Citypulse DAC)
I assume your system is computer based. MS or Apple ? I am currently running XP via USB to a Fubar ll DAC in to Audioengine A5 powered speakers. A reasonable upgrade would appear to be the Citypulse or possibly a Promitheous DAC. I read up on your Citypulse. Looks very promising for the money.
I must say, that when i originally got it, i bypassed my pre & had it running directly into my amp & used it like its own separate little pre-dac with its own little remote... the issue i had with that was static coming out of the speakers & the remote volume control with the remote was limited but it is the best DAC for the money i have ever used... the static drove me nuts
I haven't heard the Benchmark but I'm a quite happy owner of the 2.03e's predecessor the 7.2x with some modded caps and power supply (by Discovery Hi-Fi in Bangkok). I bypass the Citypulse's volume pot. Long, long break-in period but sounds terrific to me. Primary source is FLAC/Winamp/ASIO4ALL to a Trends UD-10 transport.
Curious you mention the Trends UD-10 transport... I was going to get the Trends & the model below the 2.03e which did not have USB capabilities but i was always under the impression that less is more, so cut out a component if you can... i was thinking on trying the Trends unit in between my Citypulse 2.03e & my computer & running the citypulse with a coax connection instead of a USB... i would really prefer to use my citypulse as its own pre because i know it sounds better, but i here static when i directly plug it into my amp & bypass the pre... Do you think the Trends might solve this issue??
I think Firewire even better. I was eyeing the Trends but heard problems with the upgraded outboard power supply. Also read a bit on USB 2.0 and Firewire and chose Firewire. I haven't had a hiccup yet using JRiver & ASIO4ALL, M Audio Firewire Solo, Monarchy DIP, Musical Fidelity XDACV3.
I have a very occasional loss of connectivity via USB, but very rare. Yeah with lots of USB dacs out there now it's perhaps a box and connection more than necessary these days but it sounds good to me.

No preamp for me, I run a modded Trends 10.1 as a power amp only, using Endler attenuators to control volume. Just picked up a NuForce Icon also and will see which amp I prefer when I get back home to Asia.