City dweller power cable & conditioner questions

I have a simple set up with a Unico integrated, turntable, and (soon) Squeezebox. I'd like to change the stock power cable for the Unico, but I'm not sure what the best way to do it would be. The units are about 10ft away from the nearest outlet, and right now I'm just plugging everything into a regular old surge suppressor--which buzzes annoyingly. I also get occasional interference from what sound like taxi cab radios (or could that be coming through the unshielded speaker wire?). I live in an apartment in NYC. I've read conflicting things about plugging the amp directly into the outlet vs. using a conditioner. What would you advise? Is it worthwile or necessary to "condition" city power? My budget is only about $300.
I live in NYC, as well and I am doing very well with these surge protectors from Belkin . Each of my systems has a dedicated one of these protectors. They are available in Staples and CompUSA.

Regards, Rich
I live in the apt in NYC and am using Shunyata Hydra4 for source and preamp and plug the amp directly into the wall. No problems.
For you budget look at Blue Circle Music Bar.

Avoid these surge bars from staples. They are for computers. Sonically they usually do more harm than good to a nice system.
I am not looking to start a which product is better argument, but the surge protectors from Belkin merit a second look. They take care of very nicely a common NYC apartment problem ... not enough separate lines, let alone separate wall sockets. All too often, a one bedroom apartment will only have 2 or at most 3 separate lines and the lines for the kitchen and living room are one and the same. This is very common in the boroughs and older pre-war buildings.

In my case, I had the stereo on and my wife turned on the clothes steamer and the line would get noisy and at times dropped. Who knew the second bedroom and kitchen were on the same line? The Belkins, specifically the ones with the on board resistors wired at the on/off switch, really did the trick. Additionally, they are quiet as well.

I agree to avoid the "Brand X" surge protectors, but the gold series Belkins are in a different league.

Regards, Rich
Here's two choices:

Them surpus ONEAC isolation transformer /filters are really good and can be found for $35 or less in eBay, depending on size. They will beat many many 'audio grade' filters.

My little sister uses this one with an AIWA changer as transport and Soundstream/Krell DAC-1:

These units use a C-core transformer for common mode noise and capacitors for transverse mode noise. Kick ass...

You can also replace the outlets in those units, like this guy did:

Thanks for these suggestions. Do I need to have separate filtration for the analog and digital sources?
The Belkin PureAv PF60 is the best line conditioner out there. Everything else is packaging.

You have to look under the hood of a PF60 and say WoW! Compared to my $8500 Accuphase I prefer the Belkin PureAV PF60. If you don't believe it's your loss. Plus the sound is very impressive. It has many features that the other line conditioners don't have.

The Belkin PF60 is not only the best line conditioner out there but it may the biggest secret out there also.
Sorry that I can't suggest a product and excuse me if I may ask a couple of questions. I too am in the market for a surge/conditioner and the Belkin that several of you have recommended looks very interesting. Before, I was considering a product such as a PS Audio Power Director 3.5. Has anyone had a chance to compare the Belkin to a product such as the PS Audio power director 3.5? Thanks.