Citation 7.1 CUTS out, do I need More Power?

I have a 7.1 which I am using in a bridged mode,
450 x 2 @8ohms and at a very loud, close to clipping probably, the amp will cut off, then back in, then off, then back in, and so on. When I turn the volume down,
it is fine. Is this some type of internal circuit to prevent damage to the amp/speaker?


Also, does this mean I will need more power for the volumes I am listening at?

I don't know for sure, but it certainly sounds like the protection circuit(if it has one). You must really be lifting the roof!
WELL!! It isn't the amp! I used another amp, a Marantz MA-24, 30WPC Class "A" european release only, and it does the same thing at relatively the same level, volume. Does this mean the Aerial 10T's are halting the power from coming in to prevent blown drivers?

Still, don't know for sure, because I haven't had any of the gear you mentioned, but some speakers have a cut out type of protection device in them, too. However, the ones that I've seen need to be manually reset once they've tripped. Check the owner's manual. I also think it is odd that you get similar volume levels from 30w amp as with a 450w amp! However, some speaker protection circuits operate based on a certain level of distortion they detect in the input. This may have something to do with it.You need to talk to Stehno, he has 10T's with a McCormack. He is knowledgeable and should be able to help you out.
You might have tripped the amp's thermal protection. If your amp is already well ventilated, check the fuses. If the fuses are ok, make sure you have a good powercord going into the amp. If you have done all those, maybe you need more power.
Check your speaker wire and connections for a stray strand/short.
YOUR CLIPPING, YOU NEED A BIGGER HIGHER CURRENT AMP FOR THE 10T. Read the other post you posted. Your going to damage the 10Ts and your amp by driving them into clipping. Your running out of current.
I find it a bit hard to believe it is running out of current. This amp is capable of 130 amps in dual mono mode. Do you have an SPL meter? Curious what level you are driving these to.
Both amps, the 7.1 and the low wattage Class A Marantz just do not have the current necessary to play Modonna at high volume levels. For reasonable price Classe has the kind of amps (300w per side into 8ohm and up I would recommend)you need for the 10T. The big Plinius is probably a good amp for the 10T. Beemer has good amps but very expensive. Call Aerial, they will recommend a few amps. The 10T is a pretty nutual speaker. The amps/pre/source/cable/treatment will determine it's final sound. Believe me, the 10T can handle all the power you can throw at it without a bead of sweat. Your going to damage the 10T by underpowering them and pushing your amps past their design limit. The 10T is a pretty hefty price new. The real thing to consider when purchasing them is that its going to cost just as much or more to power them. Like matching Jack with Jill. Specs can be decieving. 450 sounds like plenty of juice but it is the current and ohm load that you need to look at. Many receivers say they produce a gazzillion watts. Come on give us a break, lets get real.
I wanted to thank each of you for your help. After several attempts with different amps, Citation 7.1, McIntosh MC-352, Marantz MA-24's, California Audio Labs CL-2500, and the Bryston 4B, (which all clipped) I have found the solution! No clipping, incredible clean mids and a top end that does just sing with a bottom end that DOES NOT STOP, the 4 channel Citation Audio 7.1 in a BIAMP configuration!
I had been bridging this amp which was probably a large part of the issue here. The amp is 210 x 4 into 4 ohms, and plays ever bit of it! The imaging is far superior, but not sure if it from NOT running it bridged or if it from the benefit of BIAMPING, but I FOUND IT!

Thanks so much for all of your help. I also have a call into the Aerial, Mike Kelly, to verify my hearing/sanity.
(really to be sure I won't blow the midrange and/or tweeter with this power.

Again, thanks for all your help and insight, it is threads like this that allow suggestions to be sought, issues recognized, and problems solved!

You are better off not bridging if the 10Ts are of 4Ohm nominal. The amp ends up seeing half of that load in bridged mode. Stability is also an issue in bridged mode. That said, the Citation 7.1 is supposedly stable down to 2 ohm and can still deliver down to 1 ohm. It's available power retracts when the load is 1ohm and will probably shut down for less. Given all this, I'm curious to know at what SPL level this is happening, and how the SPL isn't affecting you.

P.S. How do you like the 7.1 compared to the rest of the amps that you tried? Also, I have some factory power specs for the 7.1 that I found on the digitaltheater forum. Let me know if you want it.

First, I would LOVE the factory power specs, please do send them!

As I mentioned, when I had this amp bridged, it stays in 8 ohms. After switching to BIAMP the speakers, the 7.1 runs 150 x 4 @8 ohms, and 210 x 4 @4ohms. This has made ALL the differences in the world. It was 11:30OPM last night when I made the switch and wasn't able to run very loud very long. The clipping/shut down happens ABOUT 100-112db. I am using the Radio Shack analog SPL meter and am just figuring out how to use it. The shut down happens around 100, give or take.

I don't sit around and listen to music (or Madonna for that matter) at these levels, but I am setting things up and like to push the limits, checking things like this at the same time.

I think running 4 channels of the 7.1 to the 10T's and 2 channels of the other 7.1 to the CC3B will be plenty of power, and good sonics as well. This leaves me 6 MORE channels (since I am using 3 7.1's) for surrounds, sides, and for the deck speakers.

Thanks for the input Wywhcan, and please do send me the specs!!


I emailed you the spec. Hope it helps. By this spec, in bridged mode, the drivers of 10Ts will probably reach their mechanical limit/extension before your 7.1 runs out of gas.
Hey Dan - looks like you've received some pretty sound advice thus far - but I will go out on a limb here and ask if this problem occurs mostly during DTS playback?
Hi Brian,

No, actually in just straight stereo. I am about to push the biamp configuration now and see what the outcome is.........