Citation 23 Tuner Display: Where to get them?

I have a few Citation 23s around in second, third etc systems. A couple have dead displays. Couple of questions. 1.) Does anyone know to get replacements (I have tried all the usual sources including Harmon Kardon. Madrigal (aka just another Japanese firm) appears, on the basis of their web site, to have completely disowned Citation just weeks after all the remaining stock has sold). Maybe there is a lesson in here for god sake support Audio Research, CJ, etc before it is too late. 2.) Who is doing service on Citation stuff lately. Thanks!
Try United Radio in New York. We send most of our repairs to them.
Hi, Rwwear, do you have a phone number, web site, or e-mail address for them?

Appreciate it!

Noel, i sincerely doubt that the displays are dead ( although it is possible ). Have you tried changing the light bulb BEHIND the display ??? Sean
Been there and tried that but no luck on one. I am also looking to get a service manual for the 23 so that I can match a LED or similar longer term device for the bulb. Appreciate the thoughts though, I know Artech was working was working on similar fix for the Audiolab 8000t
The website is You may want to try if United can't help.
Speaking of Citaion 23, Does anyone know where I can a remote control for this tuner? My Citaton 23 has been sitting in the closet for years since losing the remote and
have almost forgot about it until this thread showed up.
Like Nanderson, I also tried the usual HK resources on the net and can get no where.

Brandon, if you buy a generic learning remote, i can lend you one of my remotes to program it with. That is, so long as you PROMISE to send it back ( prepaid ) : ) Sean
Try they have almost everything.