Citation 12 / Advent 300 Match

Have recently purchased an HK Citation 12, planning to instert it between an old Advent 300 and Large Advent speaker pair. Can any of you provide info on this equipment? Do you have old reviews, advertizing or manuals?
Your Citation 12 was very likely built from a kit (I built a couple of them). New (circa 1971), it retailed for $295. Garnered great reviews at the time. It has dual-mono construction and is amazingly dynamic for 60 watts/channel. Works best with its matching preamp, the Citation 11. Should have no problem driving Advents, as I used it to drive AR3a's for years.
Classic: Can't believe that you found one. I have not seen one for sale for years. We "typed" about this amp quite some time ago (maybe at AA). It will run the original Advents well in a reasonably sized room (think you were talking about a basement). I ran across a website (don't have a clue as to what it was though) that talked about an upgrade for the amp (just a few parts replaced) that did wonders for the sound, though in it's day the 12 received very favorable reviews and if it is in good shape, should sound fine. I also used it with the Advent 300, but switched to a Phase Linear 400 when I went to stacked Advents. The phono section in the Advent smoked the one in the beefy HK 11 preamp of the time, but I don't know about the line inputs as I did not use them.