Cisco Records out of business?

Just talked with a dealer who told me Cisco was out of business.....?

Anybody else having problems with any of their product?
Mostly I think. Go to then "What's new" for explanation of their demise. They just released a 24K Jennifer Warnes/FBR CD and are scheduled to release a 24K JW "The Hunter" soon but through another company.
What does this say about the great vinyl resurgence?
Their recent reissue of Dexter Gordon's One Flight Up is exceptional. Get it while you can.
>>What does this say about the great vinyl resurgence?<<

It says there's an opportunity for another company to fill the demand.

Very simple.
tomcy6...indy labels are at the mercy of recording owners. the majors are now keeping many of their licenses, and making records themselves. that couplled with the manufacturing 'lines' to get records made, and just simply makeing a profit on 'boutique' numbers, is a full plate.